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William stars with Frank Vincent in the film The Killer's Kiss, due to come out this winter. He also plays a lead role in the film Memoirs from the Streets of New York, which starts shooting this winter. William will also play the lead role of Joey in the film From Mulberry to Rome, produced by Julies Nasso.

William is shooting his new film Back In The Day - he plays the role of Anthony Rodriguez. He is also currently playing the character of Side Step in this new short film called Spit Boys, directed by Anthony Puglia.

William is the screenwriter and lead actor in Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn with Armand Assante and Ice T and directed by Paul Borghese. It is being released by Lionsgate and is in limited AMC theaters on May 3rd and then out on DVD and Blue Ray on May 21st.

He will play a supporting role in the new feature Six Gun Savior and the lead role of Anthony Rodriguez in the feature Back in the Day.

William will be playing the role of Gino in a new short film, Contract, produced by Robert Giraldi.

William played Vinny the construction worker in the new feature film Lucky Number starring Method Man.

William DeMeo
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